MaxLength not working in ASP.NET textbox multiLine

Great code I found for maxlength issue with .NET textboxes. .NET textboxes, if TextMode is set to MutilLine, the maxlength property just doesn't work, sux. So after playing around with different soloutions. I found this on, thanks to a guy named "Leo." So a big thanks to him!

Add this function in JavaScript on your page, I stuck it my "functions.js" file I include on the page anyway.

function checkMaxLen(txt,maxLen) {
if(txt.value.length > (maxLen-1)) {
var cont = txt.value;
txt.value = cont.substring(0,(maxLen -1));
return false;

Then on the textbox use something like this:

<asp:TextBox runat="server" ID="txtComments" CssClass="comment_textbox" Height="75px" TextMode="MultiLine" onkeyup="return checkMaxLen(this,151)"></asp:TextBox>

Notice the function passes the textbox (this) and the maxlength you want, in this case 150, notice I have 151, the function will limit the maxlength minus one... So if you want to limit the textbox with mutiline set to 100, you enter 101, make sense?