Referencing 2.0 Web Services (asmx) in Visual Studio 2008

Recently I needed to add a reference to a classic (.Net 2.0) web service inside a new project that was being created via Visual Studio 2008.
Now, I have not done a lot of work with WebServices in the past 6-9 months, but thought it would be cake. Please keep in mind, the service I wanted to connect to was NOT a WCF Service, it was a standard ASMX service.
Below is what I thought would work, but did not

1- Attempt to Add A Service Reference

2- Choose Services in Solution (my Project is in the same solution file).

3- View the generated service implementation.

4- WCF Style code implementation

What you will notice from step 4 is that the way you go about implementing this service is in the WCF style. This is not what I was looking for. I was wanting to reference this like all the other code in our projects.

Below is what DID work

2- Attempt to Add A Service Reference

3-Need to add the service as a Web Reference

4- Finally need to search for and find your web service
5- Lastly, if you have done everything correctly, you should see the following.
Now I know that the preferred service type is now WCF, but come-on not everyone is using WCF just yet. Adding a traditional web service reference is way too much friction. Why is not possible to add a reference from the solution explorer? Really can anyone answer me that.
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