Work out min and hours

I have a minute value and i want to have to 2 string values one with how many hours and the other with the minutes, e.g.:

Value - 121 minutes

var span = System.TimeSpan.FromMinutes(121);
var hours = ((int)span.TotalHours).ToString();
var minutes = span.Minutes.ToString();

The ToString() is because you asked for string values ...

TotalHours are the complete hours in the TimeSpan, they can be more than 24 (whereas the "Hours" field has a maximum of 24)

Oh, and on second thought: Why use the TimeSpan and not calculate it yourself? Because TimeSpan is already there debugged & tested by Microsoft, it has a nice clean interface (looking at the code you easily see whats going on without having to follow a calculation mentally) and it easily extends to further solutions. (Have the input in seconds? Use TimeSpan.FromSeconds(). Want the days? Use span.TotalDays ...)


I just noticed mistake in my answer: TotalHours returns a fractional value of all the hours, so we have to truncate it to an integer before converting it to a string.

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